Our work improves built environments and their public realm


A non-profit organisation committed to building alliances across sectors. We change public interaction with places by creating a cultural personality that is distinctive and attractive.

Masterwerks is a cultural agency designed to reflect and influence the global trend towards culture-driven placemaking and regeneration.

Masterwərks has partnered with property developers and landowners in the UK to use art and culture in bespoke strategies providing contemporary narratives for towns and cities. The truest measure of our work is the impact we make through enabling our clients, artists and communities to achieve local goals and solve complex problems with sustainable solutions.

Masterwərks coordinates cultural blueprints that set out a vision or big idea for a city, town or neighbourhood. This blueprint is tailored to help a place compete for tourism, investment, skilled workers and businesses. By understanding the ways in which modern economies favour knowledge and information, we pioneer culture-led placemaking that uses positive architecture and infrastructure to create spaces and communities that are prosperous and happy.

Diversity of Our People

There are many personalities and people behind our brand. From the teams in London, to the artists in Europe and throughout the Americas –everyone is core to the success of both brands and fostering a loyal and motivated company culture is very important to us. Masterwərks is made up of 15 nationalities, with 8 .languages spoken. We take gender equality seriously with a Female BME as its director and a 50% female steering board.


Our service is to the public and to the artists. We will provide digital maps showing the location of the public artworks being produced, live. Giving the public the unique opportunity of seeing some of their favourite artists produce works. A brief synopsis’ of the artists and their previous works will also be available online. To help support the artists we will provide them with two art graduates or students. Maps of participating businesses that have begun and have pledged to make better sourcing decisions based in sustainability will also be available online.


We know that great places to work and live are those that use the best arts and cultural partners to weave an authentic, sustainable culture into the streets and communities of a place. Our guiding principle is that people often make practical choices about what to buy, but emotional choices about where to work, stay and live.


We collaborate with artists, specialists, designers, and producers to tailor original and unforgettable projects at every site. Through Masterwerks, artists from around the world are able to put their vision at the centre of a public space, ensuring personality and feeling is communicated even in large scale projects. Our productions are designed to reflect a client’s aspirations and the need for places of quality to tell their own story.


Masterwerks is used by clients to present cultural strategies for large developments and regeneration projects across the UK and internationally. Our strategies and plans are inspiring proposals for bringing healthy and stimulating cultural activity to a new area so that its communities and their wellbeing can grow. We furnish cities, towns and neighbourhoods with the creative thinking and ideas needed to compete for inward investment, tourism, skilled workers and businesses.


We craft projects from drawing board through to construction, working with clients to make a place the best that it can be. Our projects can range from permanent features including sculpture and bespoke furniture, or temporary relationships such as collaborative landscape design with local communities. All our projects are made to complement existing design and build spending, ensuring a cultural presence that is consistent but managed from the start to ensure budgets are invested in the best possible way.


Our model places community and stakeholder communication at the centre of a project. This provides the broad support and engagement needed to help carry projects small and large.


Art and culture has the potential to bring a narrative to a place by allowing a community to form an identity on its own terms. In our cultural strategy, our selection of artists, and then in developing projects, we allow a structured approach in which public art can provide a lasting identity for a place. Through an attentive listening process, we work closely with clients and communities to understand and deliver a version of this identity that is meaningful from the beginning.


We provide guidance to local authorities seeking to deliver wellbeing and creativity in their projects. By fostering partnership, discourse and support from across the public sector, we craft an attention to detail that helps to smooth both the planning and delivery process.


Our aim is to give clients the necessary conviction to create bold and visionary projects and places that otherwise might not happen. The relationship is designed to help clients understand opportunities arising from commissioning particular examples of art and cultural works. Distinctive places, genuine public relations, and a connection to communities are all part of our method to stimulate cultural participation and leave lasting impact. We provide documentation and training in all of our methods, helping those involved to support the right management plans long after we have gone.


Masterwərks, will continuously strive to bring attention to more sustainable practices in everyday choices.

We look to bring the public back to the idea of studied individualism, that good things take time, investing in longevity so that consumption can become what it once was, sustainable. We do this for the environment and the support of artists, and their craft.

We are not about the unsustainable consumption of needless items that have been made in the idea of industry. This has created a poor habit of everything right away, and right now as if we are infants. For these reasons quality is paramount. Anything worth having takes time, effort, and care….