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The Masterwərks Organisation CIC has a mission that is governed by social impact, while The 1-of-1 Art Group is its commercial unit. 1-of-1 is a contemporary luxury online space that sells original artwork without the pressure and intimidation that often comes with buying art. A specialist team and a great deal of time are employed to curate our collections, ensuring consistent styles suited to a variety of tastes and displayed without clutter. Encouraging the promotion of meaningful work as opposed to fast consumption, 1-of-1 is developing a unique specialisation that celebrates the contemporary and finite nature of individual works of art. Through compulsive editing of our collections, studio visits and close relationships with artists themselves, we form bonds that enhance the creative process.

This process in turn delivers better outcomes for our clients. We are committed to the belief that there is a special relationship between an artwork, artist and buyers. We educate clients about the styles and history of our artists, building partnerships that nurture understanding of artworks and their inspirations. A diverse range of clients have partnered with us to acquire work to hang, sculptures, furniture, commissioned pieces, or items from an existing collection.